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For fans of Dream Theater, Pagan’s Mind, Sons of Apollo, Haken, Symphony X, King’s X
Rockshots Records: Environmental Prog VENUS SYNDROME Streaming First Single

Venus Syndrome will be releasing their sophomore album “Cannibal Star” on October
22nd, via Rockshots Records.
Formed originally as a Dream Theater cover band under the moniker MetroTheater, it wasn’t
too soon after that drummer Thibaud Pontet (Eternal Flight), guitarist Ayman Mokdad (Alien
Encounters), keyboardist Rodolfo Lima Sproesser (Goiana, Tahra, Heretic, Floyd Rose cover
Pink Floyd), bassist Florian Guidat and vocalist Emmanuelson (Ellipsis, Rising Steel,
Hydroflame) were keen to create something more.

It came under the suggestion of guitarist Ayman Mokdad to the rest of
the band that he had written original material inspired by the concept of theVenus
Syndrome, in which the Earth undergoes runaway warming and the oceans boil off and is
viewed as the greatest threat to humanity’s existence (more info here).
From those lyrical and musical ideals, Venus Syndrome offered up their self-titled debut
album during April 2020 all while being an international collaboration between musicians on
two sides of the globe. Rodolfo Lima Sproesser is based in Brazilian while the rest of the
group is in France.

Carefully crafting power melodies, intricate hard rocking rhythms and soaring vocals
inspired by the likes of Russell Allen (Symphony X), Warrel Dane (Nevermore) and Ray
Adler (Fates Warning), the band is ready to introduce their next recording and the
sophomore full-length “Cannibal Star”.

Recruiting Simone Mularoni (Domination Studio, Ultra-Violence, T/L Rhapsody, Eternal Idol,
Eldritch, Elvenking) for mixing and mastering, the new album is a more mature production
compared to their self-recorded effort. On “Cannibal Star”, Venus Syndrome showcases
eleven tracks for fans to not just enjoy its melodic progressive metal groove, but also go
beyond the listening experience and understand the message behind their music.
« Humanity will disappear if each one of us, each individual do not contribute to safeguarding
it. Art, and particularly music is a healer and can help us reach the target and build
something strong for our kids and their kids hopefully » says guitarist Ayman

The band decided on the tracks not just on record, but how they would be best performed
for a memorable live experience and the importance of its messaging for saving our planet
and humanity.

There’s an amazing live show that goes with these songs, that’s why there is an
instrumental ouverture, an instrumental interlude, and an ending part on the song
“Contaminate Me” that we can play with the audience for several minutes. They can expect
all the energy and power of the universe. We want them to sing our songs long after the

In preview to its release, the progressive metal group is sharing their first single “Sideral
Groove”, a groovy seven strings song, where the chorus says it all.
« Music is our life our companion and the reason to live. Our mission to believe in » adds the

Listen to “Sideral Groove” at the following links:

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